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2022 National Grand Prix Championship Round 6 Bunkerhill MX GP

Round 6 : Bunker Hill MX Delta Utah! Nestled within farmland in Millard County along the Sevier River Bunker Hill MX offers a good mix of terrain and dirt. A motocross track mixed with sand and dirt and a GP section with true sand its guaranteed to be a good time. The course will run somewhere between 6-7 miles with lap times in the 10 minute to 11 minute range. This round will have a Friday practice starting at 9am and running until 3pm. Sessions will be 20 minutes long and broken down into (6) groups ranging from Pro to 50cc. Race information along with track pictures and layout can be found over at bunkerhillmx.net Check in with us on instagram & facebook @ngpcseries for more information or @bunkerhillmx

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