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Round 8: Dynamite Grand Prix – Preston, ID

Round 8: Dynamite Grand Prix – Preston, ID

Round 8

Host: Grassroots MX

Dates: August 18-20, 2023

Location: Cache Valley MX Park

Address: 4353 S State St, Preston, ID 83263

*Pays National Points


Track Preview

Gate Times:

Thursday: 4pm – 10pm

Friday: 6:30am – 10pm

Saturday: 6am – 10pm

Sunday: 6am – 4pm

Gate Fees (per person):

Adult 6+: $20/weekend

Child 5-: FREE

Camping: $30

Sign Ups:

Online Signups Closes Thursday, Aug. 17 at 5pm PST. Sign Up HERE

Thursday: 4pm-8pm (MX Practice Only)

Friday: 12pm – 6pm

Saturday: 6:00am-3pm

Sunday: 6am-2pm

Entry Fees (Pre/Post):

1st Race or Class: $45/$55

Each Additional Class: $38/$48

Youth: $33/$38

Unclassified: $30

Pro Classes: $125

Event Details

Race Referee:


AMA Membership: Required For ALL Riders

AMA Weekend Pass: $20

AMA Annual Membership: Adult: $49 / Youth: $29

www.AmericanMotorcyclist.com (AMA Membership Available Online/At Sign Up)

Class Info


LWT II: (96–200cc)

LWT I: (201-250cc)

HWT: (251cc+)

Electric Bikes: (Classified As HWT)


Super Mini: 12–16 (79–112cc 2 Stroke or 75–150cc 4 Stroke)

Girls Sr. 12-16: (79–112cc 2 Stroke or 75–150cc 4 Stroke)

Girls Jr. 9-12: (59-85cc 2 Stroke or 75–125cc 4 Stroke)

85cc Sr.12-15: (66–85cc 2 Stroke or 75–125cc 4 Stroke, Max Front Wheel 17”)

85cc Jr. 7–11: (66–85cc 2 Stroke or 75–125cc 4 Stroke, Max Front Wheel 17”)

65cc 10–11: (59–65cc 2 Stroke or 59-112cc 4 Stroke)

65cc 7–9: (59–65cc 2 Stroke or 59–112cc 4 Stroke)

Peewee Jr. 4-6: (10” Front Wheel, 0-51cc 2 & 4 Stroke)

Peewee Sr. 7-8: (12” Front Wheel, 0-51cc 2 & 4 Stroke)

eMicro 4-8: (12” Front Wheel)

Skill Levels


Pro/AA, Expert, Intermediate, Novice


Advanced, Novice, Beginner

Misc. Info


*Course Mileage Is Approximately 7 Miles. Minimum 45 Minute Cass Races.

*All Age Classes Must Show Proof of Age With Entry.

*All Pre-Entries Must Send Copies of AMA

*Everyone Must Sign Gate Release. We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service.



– No Riders Under 12 Years Old In Any Class Except “Youth Races”

– Pee-Wee Ride: Up To 10 Years Old (50cc Bikes, NO Quads) On A Modified Course.

Elevation: 4,504

DIRECTIONS: Click HERE  For Directions​

RV’s and General Parking:

General Parking: There is plenty of space for all size of rigs, general parking is first come first served.

Premium Parking: Front row – MX Track : $100 /event.  Reservations required. Spots are limited, not available for all rig sizes.

email grassrootsmx1@gmail.com call/text 801-540-8625

Fresh water is not available on site. Please fill your RV tanks before you arrive

See below for locations with fresh water.

Water to fill barrels for bike washing is available at the track.


Electricity is not available at the track. Please bring your generator for power.

RV Fresh Water & Dump Station
         Preston: 540 W Oneida St, Preston ID (6.2 miles north of the track)
Franklin:  39 E 2nd South St, Franklin ID (4.5 miles east of the track)

Pets are allowed .They must be kept on a leash at all times.

Cache Valley MX Park do not allow Pit Riding.
Pit vehicles may be used for transportation to and from the race office, vendor area, & staging.
Joy riding, racing, and play riding is NOT ALLOWED.

Riders may ride their race bikes to and from staging.
Speed limit is 5MPH, 1st gear
Helmets must be worn at all times.

2.   The access road to Cache Valley MX is a county road. No unlicensed vehicles are permitted to exit the facility. This includes race bikes, pit bikes, golf carts, SxS, ATV’s etc.

3.   Walking the course: You may walk the track or ride a pedal bike before or after racing each day.

Please note: The property is part of a working farm.  We have been given access to the MX Track  only.  Any surrounding land and fields are strictly off-limits to all activity.  This includes walking, pedals bikes, battery operated vehicles, pit vehicles, race vehicles etc.  Thank you for your cooperation.

4.   Clean – Up:  Please dispose of your garbage in the black dump trailers.
There are 2 dumpsters located on the property: Vendor Row, near the porta potties and the exit/entrance of the park.
Tires and Fuel Cans: Please do not place tires or fuel cans in the dumpsters.  Set them next to the dumpster and we will dispose of them properly.

5.   Local info:
Preston ID  is 5 miles north of the track.  There is a grocery store , several gas stations & restaurants.

Lewiston UT is 5 miles South of the track.  There is a small grocery store , Theurer’s Meats, and a gas stations.
Logan UT is 20 miles south of the track with several larger stores including Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club.

6.  Quiet Hours: 10:00pm – 7:00am 

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Aug 18 - 20 2023


All Day

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