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Round 5 Vikings MC GP Lake Havasu, AZ

Back at the Lake! Round 5 brings us back to Lake Havasu and earlier this year! The Vikings MC are putting together something a bit different this round but don’t worry the racing along the beach and the famous Lagoon Jump will still be part of the action! This round WILL HAVE FRIDAY PRACTICE! Race A Youth Unclassified starts at 12:00pm (Noon) and Race B Adult Unclassified starting at 1:30pm. Race B will also have the Club Cup Challenge! The Club Cup Challenge is for all the District 37 Member Clubs to pick their best racers and go after the Top Dawg District 37 Club Champion! Being an early race this year (April) Arizona time will be the same as California time so make sure to adjust your arrival to make your races on time! We look forward to seeing you at the races!




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