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Learn More About OEM Contingency Below

Buying a new bike has more perks than just a fresh bike. These manufacturers all offer OEM contingencies to NGPC racers who are on newer equipment, off-setting the cost of new bikes and parts. Eligible bikes often go back 2-3 model years depending on the OEM, allowing you to collect contingency on the same bike for mulitple seasons. Take advantage of the available contingency and earn rewards for your hard work and consistency following the series.

Click through each OEM below to learn more about their contingency offerings.

Yamaha Contingency


Kawasaki Contingency


Honda Contingency


KTM Contingency


Husqvarna Contingency


Gas Gas Contingency


To receive your contingency, submit  your results, W9, & a picture of you with your bike where you can tell what tires they are running (must be Maxxis front and rear), Maxxis decals, & able to tell that you are at the NGPC event (the podium is preferred) through the Maxxis Contingency Page.