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Round 4 – Prairie Dogs MC Dog ‘Gon It Grand Prix – San Bernardino, CA

Round 4 – Prairie Dogs MC Dog ‘Gon It Grand Prix – San Bernardino, CA

Round 4

Hosting Club: Prairie Dogs MC

Dates: March 3-5, 2023

Location: Glen Helen Raceway

Address: 18585 Verdemont Ranch Rd, San Bernardino, CA 92407

*Pays District 37 and National Points

Glen Helen Entrance Instructions

Due to a main road closure into Glen Helen, follow the directions below to enter through the adjacent housing track and fire station.

For any more information, contact Glen Helen Raceway ~ (909) 880-3090.

Glen Helen Grand Prix Live Stream

Round 4 of the AMA National Grand Prix Championship, presented by FMF, is excited to announce a full production Live Stream of the Pro race at Glen Helen Raceway. Tune in Sunday afternoon to watch the top Pros battle for supremacy around the famed hills of Glen Helen Raceway.

Click HERE To View The Live Stream – Sunday 12:15pm

Track Preview

Friday Unclassified:

Practice on the full race course on Friday. Unclassified is divided up into one Full Course Adult (12+) race and one Youth (4-16) race. $33 per rider, per race.

Gate Times:

Thursday: 8am – 8pm

Friday: 9am – 10pm

Saturday: 5:30am – 9pm

Sunday: 6am – 2pm

Gate Fees (per person):

Adult 6+: Friday – $30, After 2pm $20

Saturday – $20, After 2pm $10

Sunday – $10

Child 5-: FREE

Camping: $10 Per Night, Per Vehicle

Sign Ups:

Online Signups Closes Thursday, Mar. 2 at 5pm PST. Sign Up HERE

Friday: 12pm-3:30pm; 5pm – 9pm

Saturday: 6:00am-2pm

Sunday: 6am-2pm

Entry Fees (Pre/Post):

1st Race or Class: $45/$55

Each Additional Class: $38/$48

Youth: $33/$38

Unclassified: $30

Pro Classes: $125

Event Details

Race Referee:

Craig Hunter



Glen Helen Contact:

Lori Wilson



District 37 GP Steward:

Lisa Nasif



Mini/Youth GP Steward:

Landon Stiffler



DISTRICT 37 MEMBERSHIP: Required For District 37 Points

Must Show Current D37 Membership Card At Sign Ups

Membership Fees: Youth: $15; Adult: $40 at Race OR $30 Online: www.AMADistrict37.org

Buy the D-37 Membership or Pay $10 In Addition To Entry Fee To Pie Plate A Race. No Points, No Trophies.

AMA Membership: Required For ALL Riders

AMA Weekend Pass: $20

AMA Annual Membership: Adult: $49 / Youth: $29

www.AmericanMotorcyclist.com (AMA Membership Available Online/At Sign Up)

Class Info


LWT II: (96–200cc)

LWT I: (201-250cc)

HWT: (251cc+)

Electric Bikes: (Classified As HWT)


Vintage: (Up to 1974)

Classic: (1975–1979)

Evolution: (1980–1985: Disc Brakes/Water Cooled. Stock Configuration)

Revo: (1986-1995)


Super Mini: 12–16 (79–112cc 2 Stroke or 75–150cc 4 Stroke)

Girls Sr. 12-16: (79–112cc 2 Stroke or 75–150cc 4 Stroke)

Girls Jr. 9-12: (59-85cc 2 Stroke or 75–125cc 4 Stroke)

85cc Sr.12-15: (66–85cc 2 Stroke or 75–125cc 4 Stroke, Max Front Wheel 17”)

85cc Jr. 7–11: (66–85cc 2 Stroke or 75–125cc 4 Stroke, Max Front Wheel 17”)

65cc 10–11: (59–65cc 2 Stroke or 59-112cc 4 Stroke)

65cc 7–9: (59–65cc 2 Stroke or 59–112cc 4 Stroke)

Peewee Jr. 4-6: (10” Front Wheel, 0-51cc 2 & 4 Stroke)

Peewee Sr. 7-8: (12” Front Wheel, 0-51cc 2 & 4 Stroke)

eMicro 4-8: (12” Front Wheel)

Skill Levels


Pro/AA, Expert, Intermediate, Novice


Advanced, Novice, Beginner

Misc. Info


*Course Mileage Is Approximately 7 Miles. Minimum 45 Minute Cass Races.

*All Age Classes Must Show Proof of Age With Entry.

*All Pre-Entries Must Send Copies of AMA & D-37 Cards

*Everyone Must Sign Gate Release. We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service.

*All D37 Riders Must Run Official Numbers, Letters and Color Bars. See HERE

*Entry Fees Include $1.00/Race For District 37 Legal Defense Fund. Medical Insurance Not Provided.



– No Riders Under 12 Years Old In Any Class Except “Youth Races”

– Pee-Wee Ride: Up To 10 Years Old (50cc Bikes, NO Quads) On A Modified Course.

– D-37 “Mini”: 85cc, Age 12–16 Race The Full Course.


The event is finished.


Mar 03 - 05 2023


All Day

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