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Youth Center

Welcome to the Youth Center! Here you can find everything you need to know prior to signing up and race day. The AMA National Grand Prix Championship prides itself on having the largest youth off-road racing series on the west coast with competitive classes for everyone. Races are 25-30 minutes long on a modified race course that are designed to grow the future of our sport. Our racing series boasts a family-friendly atmosphere that welcomes all with open arms.

*$50/$60 Entry Fee Applies To Full Course “Mini” Class Only

*$29 Annual AMA Youth Membership For Riders 11 Years & Younger; $49 Annual Membership For Riders 12+

AMA Minor Release

The AMA Annual Minor Release is MANDATORY for all racers under the age of 18. The minor release expires on December 31st each year, and a new form must be submitted yearly. Click HERE to visit the AMA Website and complete the Minor Release Form.

Age Classification

The rider’s age on Jan. 1 will determine their age for remainder of the year. Riders may move to the next higher age class in the Youth Division only if they will be eligible to do so at any time during the year. For instance, a rider who turns 12 after Jan 1 is eligble to race the 12-15 class all year, the 9-11 class all year, or transfer up to the 12-15 class at any point during the season.

Once a rider moves to the next higher age class in AMA or non-AMA competition, they may not move back to the lower age class. Riders are encouraged to determine at the beginning of the points season/year the age class they will participate in for the points season/year. Points earned in a lower age class won’t transfer to the higher age class.

Once a rider participates in the “Mini” class on the full course (Saturday morning race with Women, Vintage, 60+, and 70+ classes), they are no longer allowed to participate in the 9-11 youth classes; they must race the 12-15 youth classes.

National Classes

All Youth races designated as an “NGPC” class (Saturday’s Youth Races) are for AMA National points only. There are no skill levels, just age/bike size classes similar to an AMA Motocross class structure. There is NO District 37 membership for these races, thus NO District 37 points payed. All riders entered in these classes will earn points if inside the Top 20 in their respective class with no membership required.

District 37 Classes

All Youth races designated as a “D37” class (Sunday’s Youth Races) are for AMA District 37 points only. Classes are divided into age/bike size/skill levels, per traditional AMA District 37 class structure. There is an optional District 37 membership for these races, with a membership required to earn trophies and District 37 points. If racing with no membership, an additional $10 pie plate fee will be added at each race. All riders entered in these classes will earn D37 points in their respective class.

D-37 Mini

The only “Youth” class to race the full course is the Mini class. This class races with Women, Vintage bikes, 60+, and 70+ racers on Saturday morning on the FULL course. Riders must be 12-16 years old to participate on 85cc bikes (Big Wheels Allowed).

Pee Wee Ride

This is NOT a points paying, scored race. It is for newer, inexperienced racers on 50cc bikes only, 4-10 years old. While treated like a race and on a small, modified track, it is a fun event to teach the future of our sport the ins and outs of racing. For serious racers, please see the Pee Wee Jr, Pee Wee Sr, and eMicro classes that are apart of the “Team Green Youth Program.”


As of right now, our eBike class accomodates 12″ max front wheels and riders from 4-8 years old.

eBalance Race

In partnership with KTM and Stacyc, each round will feature an eBalance Bike race on Saturday afternoon at the “KTM Proving Grounds,” typically around 4:30-5:00PM. This is a “run what you brung” type event and is designed to be a fun experience for all kids.

AMA District 37 Membership

As stated above, a District 37 membership is only applicable to the District classes (Sunday morning youth races). To earn trophies and points, a D37 membership is required. Click HERE to buy a Series Membership.

More Info

  • Course Mileage Is Typically Shortened From Full Course.
  • Minimum 25 Minute Class Races.
  • All Age Classes Must Show Proof of Age With Entry.
  • All Pre-Entries Must Send Copies of AMA & D-37 Cards
  • All Riders Must Run Official Numbers, Letters and Color Bars